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Stand out in a crowd!

Let’s open a door to a new world! Where@ offers you a new online world in which all possible events are centralized. Create a personal timeline by your interests that shows all upcoming events from your location. Rate & share these events with your friends and post unforgettable moments on the news feed. Experience 'punch', your new way to like events and photos. Create a profile, punch new friends or artists to follow them and their upcoming events. Thanks to the Messenger-function, all your events are planned in seconds.

Be aware & stay focused, and show the world what you’re up to.

Key features

What's happening?

Discover all upcoming events, lined up and personalized for you. Punch & share these events with your friends and schedule them with the chat/messenger function.

News feed

Share your most awesome moments and get punched by your community. Keep in touch with every event via Where@, day and night!

My profile

Create and share a profile of your outgoing-lifestyle experiences. Punch, share & get notified, so good times will always be remembered.

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Join this new social world. Dare to be different, stand out in a crowd, be original or be amazing. You can be who you want to be in Where@.

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